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Holon Dazzle

HOLON means "all" in greek. Taking avdantage of all musical styles and genres HOLON the band does not look out for any spceial direction. It's an instrumental (h)artrock band. As the love for all kinds of music builds the background of the two members this also finds its way into the music of HOLON. But the base is mostly rock. Band members are Tim Stüben on drums and keys and Chris Aidon on guitar, bass and samples. Both are bestknown for being cofounders and longtime members of their previous bands Harmful and Rinderwahnsinn. After the split of Rinderwahnsinn and the late farewell of Harmful the two joined forces again in 2013 to start the experiment called HOLON.

Committed to the DIY spirit since the beginning the selftitled debut album "Holon" was released in 2014 and started off as an hybrid of electronic bits and pieces mixed with originally played drums and guitars. The album was recorded in their own rehearsal room which became their socalled Eastport studio. A massive record with a lot of different songs and different styles not mentioning a lot of experiments which became a serious challenge for both members. As the time for the debut mostly is the longest period before the bands first official appearance this period unfortunately led to an unexpected split.

As the experiment HOLON seemed to fail right after the debut album's online release a short hiatus brought them back together again. In 2017 the EP "Gold Zero" continues with the mix of electronic and rock but focuses more on heavy guitars and a bit more classical songwriting. Now with the help of Dimi Conidas of B3 studios fame taking care of the mastering the EP got a much more professional appeal. A limited edition of CD's was produced for promotion and the sale on shows.

HOLON was never really interested in a regular system of recording albums and live touring as expected of most bands and artists. But "Gold Zero" got the band on stage for the first time and HOLON came around to play in clubs here and there in Germany. HOLON shared stages with acts like TASKETE!, MONKEY 3 or VUG.

Not hesitating too much as the previous record is just the one before the next, first ideas and songwriting started on the follow-up to "Gold Zero" in 2018. Aiming on another variation of the diversity HOLON had established for themselves. After a complete year of songwriting and recordings #3 was on the way. Beside the plan of the band to keep eyes on making more EP's #3 became a real album which demanded help from outside.

Giving away the mix on this one HOLON found great help and understanding in an old friend. Christoph Haertwig from SONIC BLACK HOLES. Taking care of the mix of the many different songs and dynamics the songs combined sounded inevitably like a concept album. As it happened with the mix HOLON got in touch with Alexander Dietz who is well known for playing guitar in HEAVEN SHALL BURN. He put incredible hands on the mastering and made the album sound how it was meant to be. "Shell" was born. The idea behind "Shell" was to follow Gold Zero (nickname of the astronaut on the "Gold Zero" cover) into this new adventure. 

In a lullaby style the album's opening and closing title track takes the listener through the most diverse musical collection of HOLON so far. From the band's own heavy folklore interpretation "Holore" to the explosion of "Njook". From the oriental-like "Dazzle" to the royal "Chun King". Always loosened up by interludes like the "Palmtrees" parts.

September 14, 2019 sees the release of "Shell" in their own DIY style. Besides "Shell" being the first release on e.g. Spotify all previous HOLON albums were re-released in early 2020 on most of the digital platforms. A step that was denied for a long time by the band.

Not having played a lot of shows for "Shell" yet nobody knew what was about to happen in 2020.